The estate has over 40 acres on the Mayacamas Range and varies between about 2100 to 2800 feet in altitude.

The Mayacamas Mountains are part of the Inner Coast Ranges among the California Coast Ranges, and extend south from Mendocino into Napa and Sonoma counties. The range stretches for 52 mi in a northwest-southeasterly direction, and reaches an elevation of 4,724 ft above sea level at Cobb Mountain in the central part of the chain. There are several other peaks over 2,500 feet, including Mount Saint Helena and Hood Mountain.


Bordered by federal forest land, the estate is secluded and serene with uninterrupted views and privacy.
The House

The house is a modern design with a tip of the hat to the agricultural vernacular. Custom designed to capture the views of the mountain ridges and valley below, the long axis of the house faces south. The south facade of the house is a wall of floor to ceiling windows and doors. The east-west orientation means the summer sun passes overhead most of the day, but when the seasons change and the sun is lower on the horizon the winter sun will heat the concrete floors during the day and they will retain and radiate the heat throughout the night. The heated concrete floors provide a gentle heat that won't dry you out and have a warm integral color that ties the house into the landscape. Each bedroom and the living room open onto a magnificient patio perfect for relaxing and soaking in the view and the sun.

The Vineyard

The first block of the vineyard was planted in 2010 and 2011. The five bordeaux varietals are represented, although the bulk is Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. The vineyard is on a hillside sloping down towards the west-northwest and receives sun from the morning to the evening. The rocky soils and hillside provide excellent drainage and airflow. Sun drenched but breezy days thorougly ripen the grapes and cool nights add acidity.